Sunday, June 26, 2016

5Elements: Earth Yoga Flow Class

5Elements Earth Flow is a grounding, hip-opening practice which emphasizes stability and strength through a steady and strong flowing sequence.  Strength is cultivated through a series of slow salutations (namaskars) and standing and supine hip-opening postures.  5Elements Earth Flow is for all levels of students that with to move through a slow deep vinyasa practice; ending with a restorative savasana and a longer period of meditation.

Students attracted to the 5Elements Earth Flow are typically interested in this sequence because:

  • They would like a slow and safe, but strong practice
  • They have been to one too many fast, vigorous, hot classes and perhaps have injured themselves in fast, loud classes.
  • They do not want/need a basic flow class, and also do not want/need a vigorous class, they would like something in between.
  • They are kapha dosha and enjoy routine, stability, slow activities and meditation.
5Elements Earth Flow is going to be taught on the beach starting in the fall.  

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